Barbecue in Vienna with International People

barbecue in vienna

Let’s eat!

It’s been a while since I shared more on my life in Vienna on my blog. I remember writing about the winters and what it’s like living abroad, but not so much on the little things I do here.  So – over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a barbecue in Vienna. It was specifically located in the 23rd district where the foot of the Alps start emerging. The barbecue was for a small group of work colleagues and friends – a relaxed bunch of Austrians and international people from countries like Philippines, Serbia, and Turkey.

It’s been quite sometime since I last attended a barbecue – the most prominent one being when I was in Lower Austria, seen here on my Instagram, where I got to explore the flat lands with Austrians and eat fat cheese-stuffed sausages (Kaiserkrainer).

barbecue in vienna

barbecue in vienna

Barbecue Food and Drinks

This year’s Spring barbecue included the usual Austrian sausages, but with a healthy global touch. We devoured grilled zucchinis, shrimp, edamame, chorizo, salmon, tofu-sausages and cevapcici (Balkan beef sausages). Also, naturally there was beer, plus delicious homemade Mojitos.

We sat, ate, drank and talked for about 5 hours on our friend’s balcony.  In the background, music from my husband’s Spotify playlist played. The weather outside was funky – changing from blasting hot sun on our backs, to a few sprinkles of rain, and then a cooling night. The neighbor’s cat even came to see us, being ever so slick yet dangerous walking on the balcony ledge as we pet it.

barbecue in vienna

Barbecues in USA & Austria

Everyone does their barbecue’s differently. Yet – is there a difference between Austrian and American barbecues?

Well, in my experience: The barbecues I hosted or went to in the US included the traditional burgers, and hot dogs. Though, when I barbecued with my Italian-American family in Chicago we would grill peppers and Italian sausages. However, in all the American barbecues I went to, there would be a large mix of chips, cookies and sodas. Junk food was welcome and part of the fun.

So, I do admit – I miss junk food which is why I’ll bring something sweet like chocolate chip cookies 🙂 and so far no has refused them (*evil laugh*). Overall though, I love immersing myself in cultures and seeing how others barbecue!

Until next time…have a good one!

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