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Disclaimer: The words shared here are from my personal viewpoint, perspective and insights. If you wish to share your perspective, please comment below. Constructive criticism is also appreciated, but any abusive comments or spam will not be accepted. Coming from the US where the typical restaurant worker is polite and […]

Don’t Take the Server’s Attitude Personally

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Back in the states, I would drive to work, and be protected from the temperatures in my car as I traveled. I could adjust my car for it to be cool or warm, depending on what it’s like outside, and at that time I worked at a school, so sometimes […]

Embracing the Winter Weather

I had the privilege to be interviewed by the awesome expat blog site, EasyExpat.com. Here is my interview below! From the USA to Austria: American in Vienna 1. Why did you move abroad? My husband. We met through friends and wanted to be together for the remainder of our lives. […]

Interview with Blog Expat

I have one particular memory where I am eating outside at a restaurant in Vienna and a beggar comes up to me and my husband, shares a ”pity” story and asks for money, thus interrupting our conversation and general dining experience. In this specific event, one of the waitresses saw […]

Interrupted Dining Experience

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In the US, like most grocery stores, when you go, you buy what you want and head over to the cashier to pay for your items. As your items are taken into the cashier’s hands, they put the price of the item into the computer, then they place the item […]

Bagging Your Own Groceries — Oh My!

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One of the first things I’ve noticed when I came to Vienna was how well the people dress here, specifically the women. Yes, there are some who walk around in sweatpants and gym shoes, but from what I have observed, the majority of Viennese women, or women living in Vienna, wear very […]

Viennese Fashion & Style