Photo Diary: Franziskanerplatz, Vienna
On what seemed like the coldest day of the year back in December, I met Aneta Pawlik on Franzikanerplatz around 8 in the morning. Aneta wanted to practice her photography skills and I was happy to help her by being her American model 🙂 It was a new, interesting experience to […]

Photo Diary: Franziskanerplatz, Vienna

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I had the pleasure of getting one week off from work during Easter break, and decided to use those days to explore museums, cafes, and parts of Vienna that I had never seen before.  Besides, it was a bit of a yucky week of rain, wind, cold and unpredictable weather […]

Spring Break in Vienna, Austria

the christmas markets of vienna austria 3
Christmas markets in Vienna are a very charming event in the city, and can be an enjoyable activity for everyone. There are at least 20 of these holiday markets available from mid-November to late-December. It is very typical for people to order Glühwein (red wine with mulled spices) and stand around […]

The Christmas Markets of Vienna

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I got the special opportunity to test out BonAppetour’s experience for Vienna recently (yay!). BonAppetour is a company that provides unique and extraordinary ‘’dine at home’’ experiences, allowing you the chance to connect with local chefs and indulge in their home cooked meals, anywhere in the world. This means that […]

The BonAppetour Vienna Experience

Mariahilferstrasse (Mariahilferstraße) is Vienna’s longest and most popular shopping street. It has a special place in my heart because this is the street I am most familiar with and have many memories of: This mile-long lane was where I walked and explored the most during my first year of Vienna, […]


Travel Podcast
I got the opportunity to chat with Mark from Discovery Map, the largest tourist map company in the US.  They print approximately 25 million maps annually in about 125 locations across the country, and have recently launched a Discovery Map travel podcast, where every week they provide a travel-themed podcast […]

Travel Podcast: Vienna For Visitors

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Vienna, Austria is an exciting city, rich with history, music and cultural beauty.  Yet behind those famous Viennese coffee houses, high fashion boutiques and Opera shows are the special places that the locals like to visit. I’m talking about a special rooftop bar, a family-owned wine tavern, a city-view that’ll […]

12 Local Hot Spots in Vienna

3 Days in... 28
Introduction: What comes to mind when you say Vienna, Austria? For some, it may be ‘’music,’’ ‘’Mozart,’’ or ‘’apple strudel,’’ while others may reference the royal Hofburgs or Habsburgs families. Perhaps others will think Vienna is ‘’another city in Europe,’’ but what many may not know is that Vienna is […]

Travel Guide: 3 Days in Vienna, Austria