February 2018 Roundup


February went by really fast for me, but I was able to discover a lot of new things – both within my internal (self) world and external world.

This is the start of a new project I’ll be doing – a end of the month roundup, where I’ll be sharing what I’m working on, learning and enjoying. This is all in alignment to Self-Development, Personal Growth and Self-Care – 3 aspects that have been priority in my life.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions or comments!


On the Blog…

I admit – 2017 was a slow year for American in Vienna. Not only was I bogged down by a full-time job, but going through some personal things as well – so my focus was more placed on my well-being and basic survival.

Now, since I have more free-time, I can share myself more, and recommend more things to you all!

New Posts:

Friendly Guide to Cesky Krumlov

My Experience on the Secret Vienna Tour: Vienna Behind the Scenes

Podcast Episodes

The top 5 podcast episodes I listened to and recommend are:


  • A Man Called Ove: You can read my movie review here
  • Marvel’s Black Panther: You can read my movie review here
  • Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee’s first and last Hollywood-made film. It was awesome to see him and how he moved. Also was neat to watch a movie from the 70’s – the outfits and hair styles were fun to observe.

My partner Aldin has never seen the Lord of the Rings, The Goonies, and Indiana Jones movies. So far we watched them all except the last 2 Indiana Jones movie in February.

TV Shows

  • My TV show indulgence is currently House of Cards. To me, it’s so well-made it’s delicious – everything from the characters, to the look of the film, the scenery and music… I learn so much about the nature of man (power and corruption) through this show. Provides points for me to introspect who I am within certain situations. My #1 favorite show.
  • As long time King of Queens fans Aldin and I enjoy Kevin James’s new show Kevin Can Wait
  • SOON: Going to be watching Germany’s version of Stranger Things called DARK on Netflix! Looking forward to it!


Currently Reading: Dan Brown’s ORIGIN: I am alllllllllmost done with this book. I’ve been slow with it because I’ve allowed other things to get in the way from one of my favorite lesiure activities – reading. So now I carve time out in the morning before I start my work (45 minutes of reading). If I have time at night, I read before bed.

Next Book in Line: Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Because it’s such a big book – the book club I’m in is giving us 2 months to read it (whew!).

Recommended Articles & Blog Posts

Personal Self-Development Work

Topics I’ve personally been exploring:

  • Who I am as the Feminine / Femininity
  • My Relationship with Grudges & Holding Grudges
  • Self-Forgiveness

Self-Care Purchase: Sara Miller’s Parrot-Fabric Journal which I will use as my Personal Growth and Self-Introspection Journal and answer questions such as: How do I create the awareness and maturity I want to achieve? What are my sustainable / short-mid-and-long-term living goals? Where am I going? Who do I want to be? And how will I get there? From EQAFE

How did I spend my time, energy, and resources this month? Has this been in alignment with what I want to create? From FemFlow

Hobbies & Food:

  • Checked out Re-Treat Vienna’s Meditation and Yoga Classes this month. LOVE them!
  • Yoga: Yoga with Adriene is my go-to source for free yoga classes!
  • Alfredo Sauce: I made Alfredo Sauce for our spaghetti dinner one night. It’s a hit in our home now. Recipe here.
  • Eating Healthier : Smoothie Bowls in the Morning – a new breakfast I’m testing out that was inspired by my visit at SuperFood Deli Vienna!

What’s Coming Up in March…

  • Secret Project: Created by me and Aldin. Planning to launch sometime this month!
  • A 24 hour trip to Berlin
  • Warmer weather (hopefully)


  • Yaro

    Nice pic of you Michelle..our friends will be leaving for Vienna to live there for a while..just out of curiosity, what if you did a piece on..A, whats the minimum,average income two need to live comfortably in Vienna.B,.what are the (average) salaries for most common jobs like (Teacher, IT engineer,waiter,grocery clerk..) C, can you suggest any locations for not too expensive apartments to does it work,do you sign a lease like in US ??
    Good luck with your adventures abroad and keep em never know who is reading 🙂

    • Michelle

      Hi Yaro – thanks for your comments.
      Cool suggestions you proposed. I am not very confident to research and answer those questions, because things and variables change over time, and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. If people want to know current info on housing prices, average income, etc – to please reach out to the Vienna Expat Center.

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