Little Stories: Artisan Coffee, Graz, Courtyards & Love

jonas reindl coffee vienna austria

Jonas Reindl Coffee:

Featured here are some nice cappuccinos my husband and I got at Jonas Reindl in Vienna. You can find great, sustainable, direct-trade, regional artisan coffee at this cool downtown cafe.  Plus it’s definitely a hot spot for university students taking a break from class.

landtmann torte vienna austria

Cafe Landtmann Torte:

Two friends from Wisconsin, USA came to visit me for a week (and these are the people that inspired me to write the blog post Vienna for Teachers).

One evening I took them to Cafe Landtmann and suggested the apple strudel. I wasn’t in the mood for strudel so I chose something new, a chocolate torte. It was pretty good, and not too sweet, and I’m looking forward to trying out their other desserts.

couple vienna austria romance

Young Love

A young couple sitting at Stadtpark (City Park) with ducks swimming by.

graz frankowitsch austria

Frankowitsch’s Speciality:

My husband and I spent 3 days in Graz, Austria. We took a 2 1/2 train fairy-tale-like train ride with mountains and castles.

One of the first places we stopped at in Graz was at Frankowitsch, a well-known establishment from 1932. Featured in this picture are bread slices with different spreads and toppings like roast beef, crab, and egg. — all tasty, but my favorite was the roast beef 🙂

landhaushof graz austria

Landhaushof: Graz, Austria

I find Graz to be a really cool, small city in southern Austria. The city is quite photogenic and the people seem friendlier here too …

Featured here is my favorite landmark of Graz — the Renaissance courtyard Landhaushof

armory museum graz austria

For the armory fans:

The Landeszeughaus, which houses the largest historic armory in the world

vienna austria hidden alleyways

Back in Vienna:

Oh the places you can discover in Vienna…this photo was taken somewhere in the first district.

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