Little Stories: Savory Brunch, Quiet Alleyways, & Macarons

This week I share with you a savory and filling brunch I had at an Irish pub (of all places!), a flashback to a lovely and quiet cobblestone street in Salzburg, intricate details in the architecture of a famous building, a sunrise I captured on my way to work, an incredible gift from Fauchon Paris, and one hell of a cute American-styled cafe. Enjoy!

eggs florentine brickmakers vienna austria

Sunday Brunch started at The Brickmaker’s Ale & Cider House was a blast: First, we were greeted in a friendly manner and spoken to in English (it’s an Irish pub so all staff have to speak it).  Then, we ordered some delicious Brazilian coffee from Sussmund, which had hints of chocolate and nut, and then ate some delicious food: I got the eggs Florentine (pictured here) and my husband got their pulled pork sandwich with a large side of savory mac n cheese.  We left this restaurant with smiles on our faces knowing we will come back in the near future.

hidden streets of salzburg austria

Last Saturday my partner Aldin and I wandered through the old city of Salzburg 🏰 We saw a narrow passageway on a corner and decided to explore it. We walked down this path you can see here which was very lovely and quiet. It was also cool that no tourists were around taking lots of pics like me.

Update: The street is called Steingasse!

museum of natural history vienna austria

Even though I’ve walked down this path many times, I discovered new little things about this building I haven’t seen before:  Like at the top of the Museum of Natural History are plaques of Greek philosophers like Plato and Socrates. Pretty cool that in the intricacies of things there are still new points to discover.

good morning vienna austria

Good morning, Vienna, Austria!

Monday to Friday I take two trams to get to my job. When I started working in August, the mornings were bright and active, but since Autumn arrived, my morning commute is becoming darker and slower with the pace of things… I was pleased to be able to see and capture the sunrise as I was sitting on the tram waiting to start the 25 minute trip.

macarons from fauchon paris

I received a little gift in the mail on Thursday from Fauchon this week — french gourmet company from Paris that offers a wide selection of sweet and savory treats deliverable to the EU, including Austria!

One of those treats they offer are macarons, which are my number one favorite sweet indulgence! I was grateful to try out their “cream” assortment that included coffee, chocolate and praline macarons and OMG the chocolate one is my favorite!

Also featured in this photo: a necklace I bought in Florence and flowers I received at work as a belated birthday gift.

pure living bakery vienna austria

Pure Living Bakery on Burggasse has a really nice set up outside and in, with cute American vintage decor that makes me a little nostalgic about my home country.  I captured the outside of this sweet cafe here with a girl who suddenly ran inside while I was preparing to take the shot.

I guess this can go into the hashtag: #strangersinmyfeed 🙂

6 Replies to “Little Stories: Savory Brunch, Quiet Alleyways, & Macarons

  1. It’s been great to read your blog and see how much you appreciate Vienna. My daughter is studying abroad in Geneva and I am meeting her in Vienna for a five night stay. We will be in an apartment and look forward to frequenting markets to prepare some meals. We’re staying by the Danube in the ringstrasse. Do you have any suggestions for restaurants?


    1. You’re going to be staying in a great area if you’re by the Ringstraße! My top suggestions: Breakfast/Brunch at Motto am Fluss and Ulrich. Lunch or Dinner can be famous Wiener Schnitzel at Figlmüller, or at my favorite Italian restaurant Il Sestante. Viennese coffee houses with strudel and Sacher torte at Landtmann or Demel. Best wishes!

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