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New Apartment: New Furniture!

In October my husband and I got a new apartment in the 6th district of Vienna. We were extremely lucky being able to snag a modern apartment in a fun part of town through someone from Facebook.  It has been a long, hard road for us since we were picky with where we wanted to stay, what kind of place we wished for, and having to be patient on waiting lists.  Long story short — we made it, and we got a place!

Because my husband and I started fresh with an empty apartment — we required a lot of furniture and home accessories to make it the beautiful home we desired.

What is Westwing?

One of the first online companies that I looked into was Westwing Home and Living because of their incredible selection of high-quality beautiful home products. This company is based in Munich and is Germany’s first shopping club for furniture and home accessories.  They ship worldwide, and if you’re an interior design fan like me, you’re going to get easily hooked with what Westwing has to offer… 

“In Westwing you will find everything for a beautiful home – carefully selected brands and products at discounted prices, and a lot of inspiration and advice…” -Delia Fischer, founder.

After you register for your free membership, you gain access into a world full of attractive discounts on excellent furniture and home accessories. New sales come in every day of original products from Europe like Swedish home decor, goods from France, and Alpine accessories. Westwing provides numerous offers on classy, elegant, exotic, and modern home additions that come directly from the manufacturer.

Exciting and Competitive Offers

Having Westwing’s business continuously provide new and stylish items on their website, you have to stay on your toes if you want to get the product you want: This website only has a certain quantity of each product available, so you have to be quick in getting this product in your cart or after a certain time, or it will go back to the public. For example, once the product is in your cart you can hold it for a maximum of 20 minutes, and there is a timer on the top corner of the page that shows you how many minutes you still have left as you browse through Westwing’s site. As much as this can be stressful for those who don’t like the time pressure, there is the fortunate opportunity of ”refreshing” the time back to 20 minutes if you need more time.

With all of this, it makes the process of buying on Westwing exciting, yet competitive since many people are on the same website with you at the same time — perhaps wanting the same items as you — so you need to make sure you get your item before it is taken away or sold out. You can always prepare yourself on what sales to expect and get ready for through their weekly newsletter and website.

The items I recently bought and featured in the above photos:

    • 2 white Porcelain serving dishes
    • Chalkboard with photo frame (not pictured)
    • White Light Phila candle holder
    • 2 orange and creme key/accessory holder
    • Hand-painted French Bee mail holder

Interested in Westwing?  Click here to register and receive 10€ off your future purchase!

*In friendly collaboration with WestWing Home and Living

6 Replies to “Making Home Beautiful with Westwing

  1. Big of Westwing! We got our living room rug from there after too many disappointing trips to IKEA and the like. I need to get back to it! Great post. Cute stuff.

    1. Yes, I’m a huge fan now…and it’s a bit addicting for me, seeing all the new pretty items that comes in every week on their website… 🙂 Thanks for your feedback! Keep in touch x

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