Opening Event at Burger Bros #3

Do you see me and Aldin in this photo? Photo by Daniela Steinbach

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 Burger Bros #3

Burger Bros is one of my favorite burger places in Vienna, no joke. I even wrote a post about them back in 2014 raving about them.  So you can imagine that my interest was peaked when I got invited to their opening event of their third restaurant.

Muttermilch – a Viennese brewery, partnered with Burger Bros that evening to give a tasting of their beers. You can learn more about their drinks here.

Notes & Photos 



  • The crunchy spiced nacho chips with spicy guacamole dip was out of this world.
  • Their black tiger prawns (a.k.a. ‘’Smashing Prawns’’) was delicious in the light curry sauce.


  • Their meat is 100% angus beef = very tasty.
  • Pictured above was the classic Burger Bros #1 (Bacon, tomato, red onion, guacamole, lettuce, mustard-mayo), but our favorite is The Butcher with their BBQ sauce and fried onions.


  • Meaty, spiced and flavorful, seated next to a hefty portion of fries – the sweet potato fries were my favorite (crunchy on outside, soft inside).

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