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Vienna, Austria is an exciting city, rich with history, music and cultural beauty.  Yet behind those famous Viennese coffee houses, high fashion boutiques and Opera shows are the special places that the locals like to visit. I’m talking about a special rooftop bar, a family-owned wine tavern, a city-view that’ll […]

12 Local Hot Spots in Vienna

3 Days in... 28
Introduction: What comes to mind when you say Vienna, Austria? For some, it may be ‘’music,’’ ‘’Mozart,’’ or ‘’apple strudel,’’ while others may reference the royal Hofburgs or Habsburgs families. Perhaps others will think Vienna is ‘’another city in Europe,’’ but what many may not know is that Vienna is […]

Travel Guide: 3 Days in Vienna, Austria

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It’s the holiday season which means decorations in the city are up, the Christmas markets are open, there’s more parties to attend to, more food to eat, and of course having to deal with those pesky holiday sales that get in your face. The stories I’d like to share this […]

Flea-Markets, Friendsgiving & Chestnuts

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The Zotter Chocolate Factory is a family-run business and farm located in the small town of Riegersburg, Austria. This family owned company is run by the whimsical chocoletier Josef Zotter, who’s smiling, chocolate-covered face is on their official website. Worldwide, they sell hand-made organic and fair trade chocolates with both […]

The Amazing Zotter Chocolate Factory

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I try to share with you all my latest discoveries and stories every week, but lately I’ve been very busy at work and attending to my new apartment (oh yeah, and dealing with a cold). Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this week’s stories and photos! Best wishes — Michelle   A […]

Little Stories: Fun Times & Dough Balls

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Ah, Salzburg. I had the opportunity to spend my 28th birthday weekend in this picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Site city. Translated as ”Salt Castle,” Salzburg is bordered by Germany and the Eastern Alps. Some people may connect Salzburg to where Mozart was born, while others know of “this old city’’ […]

A Guide to a Fabulous Weekend in Salzburg

Il Sestante 2
Alright, Il Sestante.  I’m going to be honest and admit that I hesitated writing a blog post about this place because this is my favorite Italian restaurant in all of Vienna (yeah, that is a big, absolute statement there) and a part of me wanted to keep that secret, but […]

The Great Il Sestante

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Cafe der Provinz has been one of those places I’d walk by in the 8th district of Vienna and dream spending a lovely meal with my husband.  Something about the small cafe being situated on a quiet street with wooden tables and soft plants attracted me to it.  One evening I […]

Brunch at Cafe der Provinz