Vienna Facebook Groups

10920954_461312334021309_6952522226703549135_nWomen of Vienna is a Facebook group solely for women living and working in Vienna, Austria. Ask questions, get answers, gain insights, network with other women, and share your work/blog/businesses. Special events happen every month for the lovely ladies of Vienna!  PS: Me (Michelle) is the creator and co-organizer of this group!

a1Americans in Vienna: ”Share experiences that you made in Austria or with Austrians. Tell us about your favorite places to visit, eat or shop. Give advice to others on legal stuff, politics, and the unique differences between our two great countries. This group shall also enforce social networking between America-loving Austrians and Austria-loving Americans. Lets move our countries closer together; both on the internet and through get-togethers and group outings.” *not affiliated with American in Vienna Blog*

f1Foreigners in Vienna Fbook group is for people from foreign countries who live (work, study, maybe live) in (the) beautiful Vienna, Austria. This group is for those new to the region & living here weather it be Creed, Colour or Race. We are after all one human race. Please ask ask any questions and I’m sure someone will answer.’

f2Foreign in Vienna 2: A group to bring people in Vienna together – foreigners, locals and everything in between. Once a month, we organise a brunch, and every other week an after-work-get-together (“Stammtisch”).We are strictly non-commercial, and we are no business-networking-site either…it’s all about making friends and having fun together in the beautiful city of Vienna.”

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