A Fast & Fun Restaurant Booking App

I want to share with you this app I genuinly use when booking a table at a restaurant in Vienna. Keep reading to see more on what this is about. Enjoy!

What is Quandoo

To me, Quandoo is one of the easiest and best ways to reserve a table for restaurants in major European cities.  It is not the Vienna transportation app Quando but instead for foodies like me who enjoy going out to eat and trying out new restaurants.

Basically what you do is sign up online or through their app, discover and find a restaurant, book your table for free and in addition, accumulate loyalty points from each reservation that will in time become special discounts for your future dining experience (1000 points = 10 Euro Voucher).

Quandoo App reservation restaurant

I have been using Quando’s Vienna App for about 3 months now and really enjoy how convenient and straightforward it is. Whenever I want to try out a new restaurant of theirs, I either browse through the choices recommended on the main page, or naturally use their search bar.

So far the restaurants I have booked tables at are:

quandoo app pancakes crepes vienna austria

From these restaurant reservations through the app I now have 800 points (100 points for each booking!).

6 Reasons to Like the Quandoo App

  • You can customize your search settings according to cuisine, price, customer reviews and Quandoo ratings.
  • By registering an account you receive 400 points and +1 point for each check-in at the restaurant
  • You receive an e-mail reminder once you book a table from which you can add into your calendar
  • Easy cancellation process
  • A notification reminder on the app 2 hours before your reservation
  • Reserving a table on Quandoo is fast, easy and you rack up points FAST


Yes — only if you’re living or visiting in one of the major European cities Quandoo features.  Overall, to use their system is an effortless and rewarding experience!

drinks and tea quandoo app vienna austria


2 Replies to “A Fast & Fun Restaurant Booking App

  1. my first thought when reading the title of your post was “i’ve never seen any restaurants on my quando app” (quando – an austrian app for transportation ;)) but little did i know it was actually another app that i had absolutely no idea of!
    will definitely check it out! 🙂


    1. Hey Jade! I thought the Quandoo name may confused some people 😛 I will actually add that little part in my blog about the difference between these two names. Thanks and see you around!

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