The Stelze in Vienna


A popular dish from Bavaria, the Austrians marinate or pre-boil a pork knuckle in a caraway seed and garlic brine, and roast until the skin is crisp. This food is served with 2 types of mustards (sweet and spicy) and fresh horseradish. I also like to eat this meal with a side of sauerkraut. Plus, the Stelze is pretty large, so it’s suggested to share the pork knuckle with three other people.


One of the restaurants that sell the Stelze in Vienna is at the Schweizerhaus in Prater Amusement Park. The restaurant and beer garden is only opened from March to October, and seats fill up fast, so definitely use their reservation system if you want to eat there.  However, if you are here in Vienna during the colder months and want to eat some Stelze,  Kolariks Luftburg Restaurant is open!

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