Vienna’s Special City Sky Liner

rathaus towerVienna is celebrating its 150th anniversary of its most beautiful and well-known avenue, ”Ringstrasse” which rings around Vienna’s center. The ring is best known for it’s famous sights (Opera House, Parliament, Town Hall, Art Museums), large parks and  important monuments to name a few.

To celebrate the anniversary, the city of Vienna presents their City Sky Line Tower, where one can enjoy the panoramic sights of the city.  Because this is only available until March 8, I knew this is a special opportunity to not miss out and see the city from a unique perspective.


test2The process to go on this tower was fairly easy and fast. For 7 Euros, I got to wait in like for 5 minutes until the tower started to come down from the top.  This tower looks pretty futuristic to me with its glass walls and ability to spin (slowly!) as it moves up and down the tower, which is cool cause you can just sit or stand in your spot and eventually be able to see all the views equally like everyone else.test3

test4It was quite an awesome ride.  As we went up, the speaker shared with us information of the SkyLiner and Vienna in German and English.  Despite the constant creaking of the tower, which got me a little unsettled at times, the city sights that came forth from being so high up was definitely incredible.  


sights2Once you get off the tower you have some options like ice-skating around the Town Hall or dining at one of their many food and drink stands. Or you can be like me and just take pictures, enjoy the walk, observe the people and environment, and go home 🙂

ice skatingdrink stands burgtheater

6 Replies to “Vienna’s Special City Sky Liner

  1. The view looks amazing from up there! I’ve been skating this week and Ive seen quite a queue to go up there! I will for sure give it a try!

    1. Hey Iman! Thanks for stopping by!
      Yes, I went early in the afternoon to get in line, so waiting wasn’t too bad for me. I suppose it depends on what time of day you go…but it’s definitely a special opportunity to check out 🙂

  2. What great shots! We contemplated going up the City Sky Line Tower in the evening when we stumbled upon Vienna Ice World, but never made it up there. You picked a perfect day weather-wise to go, I think!

  3. Looks stunning – I’m so gutted I didn’t make it up there in time!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, March always seems to creep up so quickly that I run out of time to do all these lovely things, but glad you could capture it. Great post!

    1. Hi Carly, thanks for stopping by and the compliments! I’ve heard rumors they are planning to install a permanent city sky liner in Vienna. I hope they do it so you can experience it!

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