Hi, I’m Michelle!

On June 26, 2014, I left the familiar and comfortable of my old life in the states, and officially moved to Vienna to marry my Bosnian-born Austrian-citizen, Aldin.

How did this even happen? Well, we met through an online community and our international friends suggested we connect and get to know each other! We clicked and throughout the 2 years of long-distance talk and travel, we decided to get married and live in Europe. To this day, Vienna remains my home 

Why Blog?

I’ve visited so many great places, ate such good food, had insights about myself and the European culture – I HAD to create a blog and share my findings with the world.  When I find something interesting and recommendable, I can’t keep it in – I have to share it with others – so this blog is dedicated to all things Vienna from my perspective – an American living abroad 🙂

More About Me:

♥ I really enjoy the simple things. Staying home watching Netflix with Aldin, having cake and coffee in a quiet cafe, exploring new lands, dining out (foodie at heart), drinking vegan hot cocoa, and reading a good book.

♥ I currently work as co-founder and Deputy Director of U!Shine Vienna. Anxiety, emotional distress, and depression can show up in our everyday lives – and in even life-threatening ways for Vienna’s locals, expatriates, and refugees. I wrote a blog post on how to stay emotionally strong while living abroad since I have gone through personal challenges living in another country. U!Shine Vienna now shifts the conversations within Vienna’s communities to create an open, healthy, and accepting awareness and support for mental and emotional well-being. 

♥ I am also the creator of the Facebook group Women of Vienna. I implemented the rules on it being a closed space for women to ask questions and gain knowledge, while being respectful of one another, so we can all live more comfortably in Vienna. You can specifically watch this video where I explain how and why I started the group (minute 2:45 to be precise). A month after I created the group I sanctioned Betsy Akins to be admin and organizer with me, and we directed the community to grow into a large, resourceful network. I worked in the group to 2017. WoV still continues to be growing and supportive – all thanks to everyone who is involved!

Social Media

I may be in the minority for not having an Instagram for my blog anymore, but it’s because I am in the process of understanding my true self offline. Instagram can very easily harm your mental health because we tend to create online personas, photos, and lives that are not true to who we are and real life. I have lost a lot of time enjoying new cities and being with my husband while trying to take the perfect photo. I would stress so much editing and curating my photos to look attractive to the mind. While there is NOTHING WRONG with making your photos look good and appealing (especially if your income or reputation depends on it), I am more speaking from my OWN JOURNEY as doing things like that on Instagram is not who I am right now.

Don’t worry, this blog does have it’s own Facebook page and Pinterest if you’re interested in following along!

Contact Me

 If you have any questions, want a personalized Vienna guide, or collaborate with me – please click here! I’d be happy to hear from you!


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  • Bruce Shanzer

    My wife and I recently visited Vienna to see if we could locate the grave of my great grandfather. We had found a paper with the information on his location amid some very old papers left by my grandfather. The old Jewish section in the Central Cemetery is in very sad shape but through much effort, we were able to locate it. It was very emotional.

    After I returned home to Philadelphia, it occurred to me that I would like to know if there was any way I could take care of it into the future. But I forgot to ask them and there is no contact information on the cemetery site. Is there any way you can help?

    Thank you very much.

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