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how to stay strong living abroad 6
foreign (adjective): of, from, in, or characteristic of a country or language other than one’s own / strange and unfamiliar. Moving into and living in a foreign country can be a lot to handle, both emotionally and physically. Perhaps you live thousands of miles away from your family and miss them, […]

How to Stay Strong Living Abroad

Belen and dirndl
I first met the sweet-natured Belén of Viennese Dreams at a Women of Vienna dinner night. The first moment she spoke I could hear the American accent and I immediately asked her where she is from. ”Texas,” she replied.  Cool, a Texan! Though I’ve never been to Texas, it’s certainty […]

A Sweet Texan Lady in Vienna

michelle american in vienna
One day I was on the U-bahn (metro/subway/underground train) when two Americans came in and sat down near me.  How did I know they were American? Besides the typical accent, they were also talking quite loud with each other, and this is funny to mention because I have noticed that […]

A Story about Two Americans and a Business Card

me and parlament
Internations.org was one of the first membership organizations I joined when I moved here in Vienna. Through signing up for their Albatross membership, I got the opportunity to attend parties basically free of charge and offered welcome drinks.  They also have activity groups one can join in on, like a volunteering group that […]

Interview with Internations