Best Coffee in Vienna – Top 5 Places According to Locals

Through my 3+ years of drinking the cup o’ joe in Vienna, I’ve compiled a special list for you. It is what I believe are the top 5 places that have the best coffee in Vienna. Much of my findings for the list has been through personal research, and reviews from the locals here in Vienna. Factors for the Best Coffee in Vienna list include quality of coffee, service, atmosphere, popularity, and overall awesomeness! Enjoy 🙂

1. J. Hornig Kaffeebar – best coffee in Vienna

best coffee in vienna

According to the people behind J.Hornig – the family behind this operation has been practicing roasting coffee for over 100 years. They seek out the finest beans growing in the best regions in the world, and use a traditional drum roasting method to make their coffee.

Their cafe in Vienna is an excellent place to bring your laptop and do some work – lots of outlets to plug in your devices, and free WiFi. Plus, you can imagine why this spot is popular with the young locals – J.Hornig has good coffee + is a good place to study.

TIP: For something different – try their Matcha Latte!

2. Balthasar Kaffee Bar – best coffee in Vienna

best coffee in vienna

Balthasar is one of those hip coffee spots in Vienna that make you feel cool when you order a drink there. Lots of university students, professors, and big time influencers can be seen at this coffee joint, getting their caffeine fix of the day.

Secondly, Balthasar specializes in third wave specialty coffee, which according to Wikipedia is a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity. Balthasar Kaffee Bar was recently placed on Best of Austria A-List, which is a good sign for coffee drinkers!

Tip: Their cappuccino is excellent, and many local’s favorite, period.

3. Gota Coffee Experts – best coffee in Vienna

best coffee in viennaHaving Austria’s number one coffee barista work at Gota is pretty awesome. Yet the owner doesn’t keep his skills to himself, he provides barista trainings for anyone interested (classes announced through the Facebook page). Gota cafe provides direct trade Arabica beans from South America (Peru, Ethipoia and El Salvador) . This means you’re going to get full-bodied roasts! I personally love coffee from South America, as you can read here.

Additionally, during the summer time Gota also serve cold brews, which can be super strong if you’re into it!  Plus, they do not not take reservations, so walk-ins are welcome.

Tip: Their avocado toast breakfast is an fabulous breakfast choice

4. Kaffee Mik – best coffee in Vienna

best coffee in viennaThese guys are known for showcasing and supporting artisan roasters (Budapest, Cologne, and Stockholm to name a few) and serve South American and African coffee to fellow drinkers in Vienna. ‘’K.Mik’’ provide 5 very different coffees, each with its own brew formula: One is ‘’The Beauty,’’ which is grounded Ethiopian coffee beans made through an Aeropress. Second is ‘’The Bastard,’’ which are coffee beans from El Salvador using a V60.

Tip: Get a seat in front of their big window to do some people watching as you drink one of their cappuccinos!

5. Jonas Reindl Coffee – best coffee in Vienna

best coffee in vienna

Situated close to University of Vienna, Jonas Reindl Cafe is cozy, hip and compact – this is a popular spot with students, so make sure you get a table and one of their comfortable vintage chairs in time! Jonas Reindl proudly serves specialty coffee (think Nicaragua-based). Plus, they only support and provide coffee from partners and companies who practice sustainable farming. The staff is knowledge and friendly – they love their coffee!

Tip: Check out their double shot iced latte with oat milk!

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best coffee in vienna

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