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If you have ever been interested in where I come from and what my home-state has to offer – scroll down! My husband Aldin and I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in my hometown in southeastern Connecticut, USA.  It was more of a holiday for him than it was […]

Holiday in Connecticut, USA

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This post is for fun and to simply share cultural differences/ways of living I noticed when I first came to Vienna, comparing it to what I have been used to in the US in an educational way.  Maybe you will learn something new and realize something about yourself or your culture. Enjoy this post! […]

10 Cultural Differences – USA & Europe Part I

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I was asked by Douglas Austria’s special blog project on what a perfect day would be like with my best friend. Hmmm…what a challenge! Especially since I have many friends, who do I pick and what do we do for our perfect day? I was put to the test and decided […]

A Perfect Day with a Good Friend

Mariahilferstrasse (Mariahilferstraße) is Vienna’s longest and most popular shopping street. It has a special place in my heart because this is the street I am most familiar with and have many memories of: This mile-long lane was where I walked and explored the most during my first year of Vienna, […]


Travel Podcast
I got the opportunity to chat with Mark from Discovery Map, the largest tourist map company in the US.  They print approximately 25 million maps annually in about 125 locations across the country, and have recently launched a Discovery Map travel podcast, where every week they provide a travel-themed podcast […]

Travel Podcast: Vienna For Visitors

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I was contacted by the the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung, the world’s oldest running newspaper, founded in 1703.  They wanted to interview me about my experiences as an American living in Austria.  I jumped on the opportunity immediately because honestly, when will something like this come up again?   On […]

Everything is Much More Relaxed Here

A wonderful gift to highlight your life in Europe is a photo book from Snapfish UK. I got to enjoy a good cup of coffee at Le Backo last weekend with my husband, talking about life and looking at photos of my first year in Vienna. 7
I was invited by Veronika of IES Vienna to talk to her American students about my experience living abroad in Vienna, Austria. Her students are on an exchange program and have the opportunity to work part-time in Vienna while taking college classes. When she e-mailed me to talk to her students, […]

Living Abroad in Vienna, Austria

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In collaboration with WestWing Home and Living New Apartment: New Furniture! In October my husband and I got a new apartment in the 6th district of Vienna. We were extremely lucky being able to snag a modern apartment in a fun part of town through a contact from Facebook.  It […]

Making Home Beautiful with Westwing