30 Reasons to Love Graz, Austria

My husband and I spent two days in Graz, Austria, which is known to be the culinary and cultural capital. I must say, we enjoyed the city despite visiting during a heatwave. In addition to this, the two-and-a-half-hour train ride from Vienna to Graz was like a fairy tale with the sights of sweet farms, mountains, and castles. I recommend this city; therefore I’ll share the 30 reasons to love Graz, Austria.

downtown graz austria
Downtown Graz

1) Graz is a charming city with a homey feeling

2) It’s a bike-friendly city (there are bikers everywhere!)

3) The locals are quite friendly

4) The City Hall, which used to hold a prison until the 19th century, differs in architecture compared to Vienna’s Gothic city hall. The hall features statues and colorful flowers in front

town hall graz austria
Town Hall, Graz, Austria

5) The double spiral staircase is the ”staircase of reconciliation.” It has two opposing spiral stairs that come together, then separates, and rejoin in the end

6) Having an Iced Chai Latte and lactose-free carrot cake muffin at Tribeka, a place known for having the best coffee in Graz

7) Feel triumph after walking up the 260 stairs to the clock tower to catch stunning views of the city

8) The Clock Tower, a fortified medieval tower from 1560 and a symbol of the city

clock tower graz austria
Clock Tower – Graz, Austria

9) The Kunsthaus, also known as ”the friendly alien” by its creators, houses contemporary art from the last decades, with architecture catching anybody’s eye

10) The little lizards that run across your path as you walk up to the Clock Tower (they’re cute, alright?!)

11) Eating lunch at Frankowitsch, a restaurant and bakery over 70 years old and recommended by the locals. Frankowitsch is known for their open-faced sandwiches

frankowitsch graz austria
Lunch at Frankowitsch

12) Taking night walks around the city

13) Being the city where La Strada is held, a festival that collaborates with international artists who seek new forms of expression outside of established theaters and performances

14) Eating tapas made from local cuisine at Der Steirer

15) Being another photogenic city perfect for your Instagram

window shopping downtown graz austria
Window shopping downtowon

16) The Mausoleum, an imperial place of rest, and incredible sight, just like the Cathedral

17) Burgers at Beat with garlic aioli on the side

18) Taking a leisurely walk around the gardens of Schloss Eggenberg

19) Having lemonade and a vegetarian lunch at Mangolds


vegetarian lunch mangolds graz austria
Vegetarian lunch at Mangolds

20) Walking through the Lendplatz farmer’s market, observing all the fresh produce and items

21) The Armory Museum, known as Landeszeughaus, which houses the largest historic armory in the world

the armory museum graz austria
The Armory Mueseum

22) Window shopping in the heart of the city, Hauptplatz

23) Breakfast at Freiblick where all meals are named after fashion designers and you get a nice view of the city from the rooftop

24) Landhaushof’s courtyard, which happens to be my favorite feature of Graz because of its beautiful Renaissance architecture

landhaushof graz austria

25) The Glockenspiel, a famous sight with 24 bells, where three different melodies play three times a day and statues of a young woman and man dressed in traditional costumes dance

26) The Island of Mur, a fantastic creation/construction that sits in the middle of Mur River and glows in blue all night long

island of mur graz austria
The Island of Mur

27) Watching the sunset on Schlossberg

28) Pumpkin seed oil, a local specialty of Steiermark, Styria of Graz

29) Walking through the broad piazza of Joanneum Quarter and admiring the futuristic glass window architecture that comes up from the ground

30) Graz being closer to Italy than Vienna


Are you totally convinced now? Take a day trip to Graz – you won’t regret it.

17 Replies to “30 Reasons to Love Graz, Austria

  1. Hi, I loved reading this article! Great to the point. I am a local from Graz and agree with all the points. I’d add Schöckl, our house mountain where you can hike, bike or take the gondola up. Also Fürstenstand on the Plabutsch is a great place to hang out, hike, bike and then have a great, cheap Styrian meal,
    Best, Lisa

  2. I recommend taking a tour of the interior of Schloss Eggenberg if you go back. 🙂

    I lived in Graz for a year and I’m going back to live in a town 20 minutes away for two more years.

  3. Just one thing, you’re not AMERICAN! America is a CONTINENT, not a country. Why do you US Citizens keep on stealing our continent’s name?

    1. Dear ”Friendly Reminder,”
      According to Dictionary.com, an AMERICAN is:

      1) a person born, raised, or living in the U.S.

      2) a person born, raised, or living in North America or South America

      Therefore I qualify under both numbers, since I was born and raised in the United States in Northern America.

      Have a nice day 🙂

  4. Next time when you´re in Graz we hope to be our guest to have a Segway Tour right through Graz to get an overview of our beautiful city. On our Panorama Tour you can get a great view of the city and the landscape around it. We are looking forward to be our guest! Have a nice time!

    1. Hey Erich,
      That sounds great! I will certainty be back in Graz and would love to take a Segway Tour — so I will keep you in mind, thanks 🙂

  5. Have just moved to Graz as part of my YA (katieimausland.wordpress.com) so really enjoyed reading this article – thanks for the advice, looking forward to ticking some of these things off my to do list!

  6. Graz is really a great city and I am looking forward to going back next year! And I loveeeee pumpkin seed oil! I’m a fan 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Kerstin!

  7. Hi Michelle. Thanks for the great article on Graz. Very interesting, especially for me. My grandfather came from Graz and it is the city of his birth. (My Mom’s father Joseph Novak.) Thanks for the pictures. Best to you and Aldin

    Uncle John & Aunt Jean

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