The Third Man at Burg Kino

Vienna, Austria, is home to some of the most impressive features like Schoenbrunn Palace, the Ringstrasse, and the Vienna State Opera. But sometimes we forget about the little activities – like seeing The Third Man at Burg Kino – a must when you’re living in Vienna.

What is the Burg Kino?

burg kino the third man

Known as the “Vienna’s oldest original version cinema presenting the latest, most interesting movies on the big screen,” Burg Kino is known for showcasing The Third Man three times a week. 

For the price of €9, you can spend a rainy day or slow afternoon watching this film but keep in mind, this place is old school and takes cash only.

Inside Burg Kino is full of character. There is a bar/snack area on the ground floor, with friendly English-speaking staff and access to order alcohol like a gin and tonic if you so wish. 

The Third Man cinema room was quite large, with two seating levels and one large screen. The seats, albeit old, were soft and relatively comfortable. It brought back memories of my former local movie theater in Connecticut.

About the Third Man Movie

The Third Man is a British film set in post-World War II Vienna, directed by Carol Reed. It’s about an American man named Holly Martins visiting Vienna to take on a job given by his friend Harry Lime.

However, once Holly arrives in Vienna, he is informed his friend is dead, and the entire film becomes a mystery case. The locals don’t give the main character all the answers, thus Harry’s death becomes even more suspicious.

It was pretty astounding to see Vienna post-war with the film. Shot in black-and-white, The Third Man showed mountains of rubble and dirt and a damaged Stephansdom. It was shocking and strange to see the destruction at first. The city recently voted ‘The Best Quality of Life’ 10 times in a row used to be in such distress…

Interestingly enough, the actors who played Viennese actors made my husband laugh. The older woman who was bickering and complaining reminded him of the elderly ladies he encounters every day.

The main actors – Orsen Welles, Joseph Cotten, and Alida Valli were fantastic. They were so intense in capturing the emotions of grief, confusion, and determination to get the answers they needed.

Additionally, there is a Third Man Museum and a Walking Tour in Vienna where you can visit the underground sewers that played an essential part in the movie.

The Third Man Recommended Movie

Overall, I recommend seeing The Third Man for the following reasons:

  • If you have an interest in seeing post-WWII Vienna on film
  • Enjoy classical movies
  • You like suave English men in suits and hats
  • Want to kill time and do something fun in Vienna

Have you seen The Third Man? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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