Cycle like a Local with City Bike Wien

5 Replies to “Cycle like a Local with City Bike Wien

  1. Hi!
    I always wondered about this service. How do you actually unlock the bikes? From the time you register online, how long was it before you could actually use a bicycle?

    1. Hi Samir!
      From what I know, once you register you can use the bike immediately. You can pick which bike you want on the screen, and then the bike will unlock for you. Let me know if you have any more questions! Best wishes.

  2. Hello,I would like to join the event this Friday. I am doing a work placement with Radio Slovakia and I would like to make a piece about the Critical Mass Bicycle. I was wonrideng if I could speak to someone within the organization and ask some questions in the line of do you see any improvement?’ or do the people ride their bike more often because of the event?’I thank you in advance.Fien De Baere

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